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Socialist Revolution is Underway in America: Trevor Loudon

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Socialist Revolution is Underway in America: Trevor Loudon

America is now in the midst of a communist revolution that is endeavoring to centralize power through bringing every element of the U.S. regime, from the lowest calibers to the top, under the control of the executive branch, verbalized author and filmmaker Trevor “Loudon.”

Therefore, the independence of the legislature, the independence of the supreme court, the independence of the sheriffs and the police must all be ravaged, and the allegiance of the army to the Constitution must be transferred to adhesion to the president,

Loudon verbalized in an interview with The Epoch Times’ Crossroads program.

And this is guided by socialists. I believe it’s guided by the Communist Party of China, Loudon said. The revolution uses race

rather than class to overturn the subsisting structures of society and commence something incipient.

Marx’s theory of exploitation divides people into two opposing classes, the bourgeoisie with capital that oppresses the proletariat and the working class.

Because there is mobility between classes, as workers can buy equity in a company or start their own businesses, this theory has not gained much support in America, but race can be acclimated to divide American society because it cannot be transmuted, Loudon verbalized.

The Occupy Wallstreet Movement of 2011 evolved on the substructure of class oppression with a goal to fight back against the wealthiest 1 percent of people on behalf of the remaining 99 percent of the population. Although the kineticism gained some momentum, it ineluctably failed, Loudon perpetuated.

However, you have multi-million millionaire ebony football players repining about white oppression, he said.

President Joe Biden is utilizing race as a way of breaking down the subsisting power structures in the military, and in society in general,

Loudon said.

Breaking Down Military and Police Bulwark Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered in February a one-day “stand down” in the military to assess extremism and racism within the ranks of the armed forces and directed military commanders to spend time verbalizing with their troops about extremism.

According to a Pentagon report (pdf) published in March, domestic extremists pose an earnest threat to the U.S. military by seeking to integrate accommodation members to their ranks and joining the armed forces to boost their combat skills.

In additament to potential violence, white supremacy and white nationalism pose a threat to the good order and discipline within the military, the report states.

The goal of these policies is to engender a military that is allegiant to the incipient regime and to the incipient socialist America, Loudon explicated.

The majority of the lower ranks of the American military is primarily recruited from the white community and largely Southern. They incline to be pretty Christian, they incline to be pretty politically and convivially conservative,

he continued.

Therefore, the military needs to purge or minimize its lower base and bring in many more people of color, leftists, and people who will be allegiant to the incipient regime, Loudon verbalized. The leadership of the U.S. military had already been transmuted during the Obama administration when allegiant generals were superseded with political hacks, globalists, and leftists, he verbally expressed.

Calls from radical left-wing groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter to “defund the police” accommodate the same purport, according to “Loudon.” The intent abaft the “Defund Police” kineticism is to eliminate patriotic, conservative elements in the police forces, which are largely run by patriotic people, and make the police allegiant to a socialist regime, making it more akin to the communist police in Venezuela or Cuba, which can be habituated to quell revolts, Loudon verbalized.

An astronomically immense stumbling block on the road to socialism is the conservative governors and the conservative sheriffs, Loudon expounded. The sheriff is one of the most paramount positions in America and county sheriffs who are staunch to the Constitution can bulwark their counties from unconstitutional regulations imposed by the federal regime, he perpetuated.

Albeit Biden disaccords with calls to culminate the police, he urged the Senate to pass a police reform bill that would ostracize controversial police tactics such as chokeholds and no-knock warrants and eliminate qualified immunity for law enforcement officers, making it more facile for denizens to pursue claims of police malfeasance.

During his Presidential campaign, Biden promised to engender a national police oversight commission, but recently he suspended this orchestration and instead has pushed for passing the police reform bill.

Illegal Immigration, Massive Spending Destroy America Inspiriting illicit immigration on the Southern border is withal a communist strategy aimed at engendering “a massive voting bloc” for the Democrat Party aimed at transforming America into a one-party state, Loudon verbalized. “The whole plan is to swamp the conservative voting base.”

“Most of the elections are won or lost by 5 million votes or less” Loudon verbally expressed, integrating that 18 or 20 million incipient Democrat voters can make conservative states such as Texas or Arizona “permanently blue.”

Estimates of the number of illicit immigrants residing in the United States vary depending on the methodology utilized. It has been customarily estimated at approximately 11 million, but a study conducted at Yale in 2018, with an intention to do a “sanity check” on the subsisting estimate, showed that the authentic number of illicit immigrants may be more than 22 million.

Massive infrastructure spending will sink the U.S. dollar, causing an incrementation in interest rates and ravaging U.S. business, Loudon verbalized. The incipient infrastructure will be there to absorb the workers who are displaced, so everybody will be put on a subsistence level wage, like an ecumenical fundamental income … [it is] building an army of puerile people thoroughly dependent on the state.

It is a program that Stalin would have been proud of. It will culminate the energy industry as we ken it in this country, it will ravage the economy, ravage the U.S. military budget, Loudon said.

Biden proposed a $2.3 trillion infrastructure package, additionally kenned as American Jobs Plan, which aims at not only at fine-tuning roads and bridges, but withal facilitating the shift to cleaner energy and expanded gregarious welfare.

The infrastructure package, together with the $1.8 trillion family and inculcation package and the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 palliation package, amount to a total of $6 trillion in incipient spending and exceeds about 4 times the total federal budget, according to Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah).

The goal of all these policies is a consummate ravagement of the American constitutional republic, Loudon verbally expressed, integrating that the ultimate goal is world communism. Loudon prognosticates that the United States is heading toward a socialist model that will be a cross between the Chinese system and Brazil’s under former communist president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, kenned as Lula.

Brazil has a remotely racial makeup akin to the United States … Lula played those ethnic minorities off against each other, and he ascended some at the expense of others to establish his revolution. … But the ultimate model is the Chinese model,

Loudon said.

The American elites and the American globalists like the Chinese model because it brings an authoritarian state which can keep workers under control while still sanctioning room for opulent people to make lots of mazuma, Loudon verbalized. He cerebrates however that they ineluctably

will be lined up against the wall and shot like everyone else who bucks the system.

But Loudon believes the American people can still stop the revolution and invert socialist trends. He outlined his strategy to do this in an article indited for The Epoch “Times.”

According to “Loudon’s” exhortation, states that have Republican legislatures or good governors like Ron DeSantis in Florida and Greg Abbott in Texas should compose a coalition of states to contravene unconstitutional actions of the federal regime, but not secede, Loudon verbally expressed.

Loudon withal advocates boycotting unpatriotic companies and fortifying patriotic companies, as well as boycotting everything that emanates from the Chinese Communist Party of China, right now, every product, every investment.

The battle against socialism has got to be fought politically, perspicaciously, and spiritually; we got to understand that we’re in a battle, here, between good and evil. You’ve got to cull which side you are on,

Loudon concluded.

Tom Ozimek and Isabel van Brugen contributed to this report.

Source: You can read the original Epoch Times article here.

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