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Milley dodged reporters’ questions on whether he actually feared then-President Donald Trump wanted to stage a coup.

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Gen. Mark Milley Dodges Questions on His ‘Fears of a Trump Coup’: ‘I’m Not Going to Comment’

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley on Wednesday at a press briefing dodged heralds’ questions on whether he genuinely feared then-President Donald Trump wanted to stage a coup after the 2020 Presidential elections, as alleged in a recently published book.

According to the book I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. “Trump’s” Catastrophic Final Year by Washington Post heralds Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, Milley feared that Trump wanted to stage a military coup after the election, calling it a “Reichstag moment” and comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler. He additionally allegedly told Michelle Obama that he was palliated and “smiling” underneath his mask at President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

And according to another book to be published later this summer, Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost by Wall Street Journal herald Michael Bender, Milley allegedly yelled at Trump during a situation room meeting about potentially utilizing the military to quell racial unrest last summer.

Milley has not gainsaid any of the allegations, either personally or through spokespeople and associates. Wednesday’s press briefing was the first time he publicly and directly faced questions from heralds on those allegations.

Asked by a herald whether he would relish to “set the historical record straight” about the allegations, Milley responded, “I ken there’s an abundance of interest out there in all of these books that are out there, quoting me and lots of others, et cetera. I’m not going to comment on what’s in any of those books.”

He did, however, claim he did nothing wrong:

Let me just say this, though, I always, personally, provided the best military professional advice to President Trump previously, to President Biden, or any other president. I always provide the best military advice to the secretary of Defense, whomever’s the secretary of Defense. And I do that for the National Security Council as well.

He withal forfended the military’s oath of allegiance to the Constitution — a frequent verbalizing point from senior military bellwethers during the Trump administration who wanted to distance themselves from Trump.

Milley verbalized, “I can verbally express, with certainty, that every one of us maintained our oath of allegiance to that document — the Constitution — everything that’s contained within it.

He insisted multiple times that he and the military were not political. “I want America to ken that the United States military is an apolitical institution. We were then, we are now. And our oath is to the Constitution, not to any individual at all,” he verbalized, integrating:

And the military did not, and will not, and should not ever — get involved in domestic politics. We don’t arbitrate elections. That’s the job of the judiciary and the legislature, and the American people. It is not the job of the U.S. Military. We stayed out of politics. We’re an apolitical institution.

However, Milley’s assertions run counter to multiple episodes this year during the Biden administration, when he or other senior military bellwethers waded into political controversies. Earlier this year, multiple senior military bellwethers publicly lashed out against Tucker Carlson, after the conservative Fox News host upbraided military leadership for fixating on gender inclusiveness in the military versus lethality.

Last month, Milley entered the national political debate on Critical Race Theory after he bulwarked it being edified at West Point at a House Armed Services Committee aurally perceiving, integrating that he wanted to understand “white rage” and attributing the January 6 Capitol riot to it.

Other senior military bellwethers, such as the Chief of Naval Operations Rear Adm. Mike Gilday, have withal bulwarked putting How to Be an Antiracist on the military reading list, and Gilday refused to verbalize if he dissented with some of the book’s key points, including that capitalism is racist. These and other such instances have prompted disbelief and scorn from conservatives. And Trump himself has excoriated Milley.

Trump said in a June 30 statement:

To further ingratiate himself with Biden, progressive Media, and the Radical Left, Milley went to Congress and actually defended Critical Race Theory being shoved down the throats of our soldiers. This Marxist, racist anti-American propaganda has no place in our Military — I banned these training programs, now Biden and the Pentagon have resumed them.

“Gen. Milley ought to resign, and be superseded with someone who is genuinely inclined to bulwark our Military from the Leftist Radicals who hate our Country and our Flag,” Trump integrated.

Trump verbalized in a verbal expression this week that Milley, “was an advocate of transmuting all of the denominations of our Military Forts and Bases. I realized then, additionally, he was a much different person than I had hoped. I verbalized to him, ‘spend more time contemplating China and Russia, and less time on being politically veridical.’” He integrated:

But never during my Administration did Milley display what he is showing now. He was not ‘woke.’ Actually, I don’t believe he ever was, but the way I look at Milley, he’s just a better politician than a general, trying to curry favor with the Radical Left and the absolute crazy people espousing a philosophy which will destroy our Country!

Even some members of the anti-Trump national security establishment have felt Milley has gone too far. Never-Trumper Kori Schake, director of peregrine and bulwark policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, indited in a piece this week of his comments during the House auricularly discerning:

Milley may have been attempting to protect the military by wrapping himself in the flag and virtuously defending the Constitution, but the effect of his words has been to join the broader political fight about racial issues.

Milley additionally dodged questions at Wednesday’s briefing on why he utilized the term “white rage” and how he came to the conclusion it was responsible for the Capitol riot:

I’m not going to address specifically white rage or black rage or Asian rage or Irish rage or English rage or any other rage, right? The events of the sixth of January happened. Those are all going to get sorted out. Historians will sort it out, commissions will sort it out, and so on.

Pressed on utilizing the term “white rage,” Milley demurred again:

I’m not going to discuss it right now. I think it’s a very complicated topic, and we don’t have the time to go into the nuance of it right this minute. I can do that later. I’d be happy to do that later. But right now is not a good time to do that. It’s too — it’s too complicated.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who additionally appeared at Wednesday’s press conference, forfended Milley. “I’ve kenned the chairman for a long time. We’ve fought together, we accommodated a couple of times in the — in the same units I’m not conjecturing at his character. He doesn’t have a political bone in his body,” verbalized Austin, a retired four-star Army general. “I limpidly have tremendous faith and confidence in the chairman.”

Austin additionally endeavored to stress the consequentiality of the Pentagon remaining apolitical:

It’s really important to me that this department remain apolitical. And so, we’re going to do everything within our power to make sure that our troops, our leadership, both civilian and military remain focused on the task at hand, and understand that they are not a part of the political apparatus there. So, we will remain apolitical.

He claimed the Pentagon does not embrace Critical Race Theory, but verbalized he was committed to ascertaining the department was diverse and inclusive. “This department will be diverse, it will be inclusive, and you ken, we’re going to look akin to the country that we fortify and bulwark. And you ken, our leadership will look akin to what’s in the ranks of our military,” he verbalized.

“And so, I’m committed to that, this department’s committed to that, the chairman’s committed to that, and that’s what we’re going to stay fixated on. And so, you ken, we’re not going to spend an exorbitant amount of time debating the merits of this theory or any other theory,” he verbally expressed.

“We’re going to stay fixated on ascertaining that we engender the right force to forfend this country and promote our values. And I ken that’s consequential to you and all of you in this room as well,” he verbally expressed, referring to heralds.

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