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On November 2, New Yorkers must vote “no” on Propositions 1, 3, and 4 to preserve the integrity of our elections.

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Exclusive—Rep. Elise Stefanik: New Yorkers Can Stop Democrats from Rigging Our Elections

Our Election system plunged into utter chaos in 2020 with irregularities and constitutional issues. In fact, last election, New Yorkers visually perceived these irregularities up close when it took months to seat Congresswoman Claudia Tenney in New York’s 22nd Congressional District due to several grave errors in the Election process including losing ballots in a drawer, erroneously counting absentee ballots, and a breakdown in rudimental Election integrity measures. This disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who went without federal representation for far too long.

However, in lieu of fixating on reinforcing Election integrity and drawing fair lines for districts, Albany Democrats are jeopardizing the integrity of our state’s elections and endeavoring to jam through gerrymandered partisan district maps.

On the back of every New Yorker’s ballot on the local elections on November 2, there are three “Propositions” dissimulated as “election reform.” It is critical that New Yorkers must vote no on Proposition 1, 2, and 3 to forfend fair elections. Even if you do not have a competitive local election, you must turn out to vote against the Democrats’ corrupt ballot propositions.

Proposition 1 endeavors to divest power away from the Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) that New Yorkers overwhelmingly voted to establish. Back in 2014, millions of New Yorkers voted in favor of a Constitutional amendment to enact the Commission to ascertain fair and balanced district lines and representation. Yet this proposition would essentially nullify the Commission and sanction Albany “Democrats” and the Democrat governor to overrule the Commission and draw gerrymandered maps.

Proposition 3 would engender same-day voter registration, eliminating New York state’s constitutional requisite that mandates voters are registered at least ten days afore an election. This discards a crucial process, where the Board of Elections has time to validate a person’s designation, address, and eligibility. If enacted, incipiently registered voters would be sanctioned to vote on voting machines in lieu of casting affidavit ballots, which would make it arduous, if not infeasible, to disqualify the votes of any individuals later determined ineligible.

A voter drops off her early voting ballot for the 2020 Presidential Election at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City on October 30, 2020. (Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images) Proposition 4 would sanction “no excuse” absentee voting. Given the restrictions of the pandemic, Democrats pitch this as a plausible way to expand vote by mail. However, coupled with same-day voter registration, it’s proven that ecumenical vote by mail is an implement for ballot harvesting.

In California, macrocosmic vote by mail engendered chaos in 2020. Democrats faced scrutiny for engendering unofficial drop boxes where volunteers took voters’ ballots, signed them, and turned them into the Board of Elections.

And who could forget the recent disaster in New York City? Severe discrepancies like fortuitously counting 135,000 test ballots resulted in mass perplexity and delayed Election results. In 2020, our federal, state, and local elections dragged out for weeks, and in the case of my friend and fellow Upstate New York Congresswoman Claudia Tenney—months. With a record increase of absentee ballots and incipient Election laws in flux, Boards of Elections in New York and across the country struggled to tally absentee ballots and certify victors.

Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney signals a prosperous casting of her ballot in New Hartford, NY. (AP Photo/Heather Ainsworth) The cause was pellucid: expanded measures that Democrats claimed would make voting more facile cost time and the faith of voters. Despite last year’s chaos, New York and Albany Democrats are actively working to rig our elections in their favor.

Democrats have erroneously pitched these proposals as an expedient to make it more facile to vote, but the facts are pellucid: These propositions are just another one of Albany Democrats’ unblushing endeavored power prehends.

As survivors of Corrupt Cuomo’s regime, we’re no strangers to these dirty artifices. But this isn’t just a backroom deal in the smoke-filled rooms of Albany. The future of our elections is in our hands, and concretely, on the back of our ballots.

In the upcoming election, New Yorkers have the opportunity to send a message loud and clear that we will not abide Democrats’ endeavors to rig our elections. On November 2, we must vote “no” on Propositions 1, 3, and 4.

Please spread the word, and bring your friends and family out to vote. Together, we can fight back against Democrats’ schemes and maintain the security and integrity of our democratic process. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik represents New York’s 21st Congressional District. Stefanik accommodates as House GOP Conference Chairwoman. In 2020, she accommodated as a NY Co-Chair on President Donald Trump’s campaign. She currently accommodates on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the Education and Labor Committee, and the Armed Services Committee. She withal accommodates on the House Election Integrity Caucus.

Source: You can read the original Breitbart article here.

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