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Marxism Hidden in Many Forms in US: Trevor Loudon

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Marxism Hidden in Many Forms in US: Trevor Loudon

During a recent TV interview, Trevor Loudon verbalized that Marxism is “extremely widespread” in the United States, and is embodied within so many forms, such as Black Lives Matter, critical race theory, the LGBTQ kineticism, the environmental kineticism, or pushing for equity—yet may go unnoticed by the average person.

Loudon is an author, filmmaker, and public verbalizer from New Zealand. He’s a contributor to The Epoch Times and hosts the CounterPunch program on EpochTV.

Marxism is authentically the model, the main political-economic paradigm that we live in today. But most people don’t apperceive it because they’re still cerebrating about the old class struggle of the 1840s, in the early part of the 20th century,

Loudon said in NTD’s Capitol Report broadcast on Mar. 11. “So Marxism is endemic in our society, it’s everywhere.” In “Manifesto of the Communist Party,” Karl Marx verbally expressed that human history is “a history of class struggles.” Two fundamental classes oppose each other in the capitalist system: the owners of the expedient of engenderment, or bourgeoisie, and the workers, or proletariat.

Marxism has now morphed into the LGBTQ struggle, the feminist struggle, environmental struggle, the racial struggle, all of that, said Loudon.

Where is Marxism? It’s where you find an organized system to identify victims and to overturn the subsisting structures that allegedly oppress those victims,

said Loudon.

Loudon verbally expressed the environmental kineticism is not about the environment but about ravaging industry, ravaging affluence. The LGBTQ kineticism is not about vigor of the LGBTQ people but about ravaging the traditional family. The communist-controlled labor amalgamations are not about vigor in the working man but about controlling the working man for the benefit of the state. The vaccine mandates are not about public health but getting control over people’s lives and getting people conditioned to being controlled.

“This is all Marxism,” said Loudon.

Ebony Lives Matter co-progenitor Patrisse Cullors once admitted that she and other progenitors were “trained Marxists,” a video from 2015 showed. The highly controversial critical race theory (CRT) is withal a quasi-Marxist ideology, redefining America’s history as a struggle between “oppressors” (white people) and the “oppressed” (everybody else).

Critical race theory is just simply Marxism applied to race rather than class. But it’s so conspicuously divisive. It goes so much against the grain of what America is supposed to be about, E Pluribus Unum, out of many [states], one [country],

said Loudon.

“This is even now elongating into pedophilia,” verbally expressed Loudon. We’re going to optically discern forms of kineticism in the future to make pedophilia licit because pedophiles have been oppressed by society. This is where it’s peregrinated.

In recent years, pedophiles have been endeavoring to rebrand themselves as ‘minor-magnetized persons,’  to seek legalization of pedophilia. Last November, Allyn Walker, a preceptor at Old Dominion University in Virginia, agreed to resign from the school, when the contract ended, for remarks referring to pedophiles as “minor-magnetized people.” Walker, who identifies as nonbinary, indited a book on “minor-magnetized people” and detailed their “pursuit of dignity.”

Marxism is the overturning of the natural, traditional hierarchies of life, said Loudon. We were given three institutions to govern us. We were given religious institutions, churches, synagogues, temples. We were given a family with a tradition that goes with that. And we were given civil regime. Marxism is about undermining and overthrowing all three of those institutions. So anything you visually perceive undermining traditional religion, traditional family values, or the civil regime, you can wager it has a Marxist base to it.

All of these programs are designed to debilitate America, enervate the West, debilitate our traditions, emasculate our families, debilitate our regimes, enervate our religions. So the whole lot can be overturned and superseded with a communist-socialist regime.

The reason Marxism is obnubilated in different forms is to apostatize people, verbalized “Loudon.”

Marxism is a hard sell. A revolution is a hard thing to sell to people. You got to sell it as something different than what it authentically is.

When Lenin surmounted Russia, he didn’t verbalize about collectivizing everything, putting people in gulags, or engendering a totalitarian state. Instead, he promised that people would have land, placidity, and bread, verbalized “Loudon.”

Marxism has always relied on deception, utilizing words to apostatize people, said Loudon.

“Today, it’s sold as equity. What does equity mean?” The first day President Joe Biden took office, he issued an executive order promising to advance racial equity and support across the federal government.

In his executive order, equity was defined as the consistent and systematic fair, just, and impartial treatment of all individuals, including individuals who belong to underserved communities that have been gainsaid such treatment.

“That’s not equipollent to equipollence,” Loudon verbalized. Equity denotes we have identically tantamount outcome. So no matter where you commence, you culminate up with the same amplitude of mazuma. You end up with the same quantity of puissance. That’s communism. That’s what it is.

Vice President Kamala Harris posted a cartoon video on her convivial media during her Election campaign in 2020, verbally expressing there’s an immensely colossal distinction between parity and equity, and “equitable treatment denotes we all end up at the same place.”

Loudon verbalized more people are aroused and the left have lost control of themselves.

There’s [sic] thousands of people now drawn into the liberation kineticism that came in because critical race theory woke them up. “It” was a bridge too far. And I read the left-wing press, and they are just adjacent to themselves over what’s transpiring here because their game has been blown and they are freaking out about it.

In an anterior interview with NTD, Loudon verbally expressed Communism had been infiltrating the United State for one hundred years, and people need to get involved “on the ground,” in local elections to preserve “America.”

Source: You can read the original Epoch Times article here.

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