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People Are Seeing Through Holes in Woke Ideology: Critical Theory Expert

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People Are Seeing Through Holes in Woke Ideology: Critical Theory Expert

Wokal Distance, an expert in postmodernism and critical theory and a visiting fellow at the Center for Renewing America, believes that woke ideology will ravage itself because it is not grounded in veracity, but rather seeks potency.

The man who posts explanatory threads on gregarious media under the pseudonym Wokal Distance sat down for an interview with Jan Jekeilek, host of EpochTV’s American Thought Leaders program, on March 5.

Distance verbalized a denotement that people are commencing to visually perceive the imperfections in woke ideology is that mainstream comedians are making japes about their conceptions.

Humor exposes it, ridiculing it exposes it. … The reason why the left ridiculed Bush so much is because the best way to take the convivial power out of something is to mock it,

he verbalized, referring to former President George W. “Bush.”

The gregarious equity, branding, and packaging of ‘We just want to be tolerant and kind and caring,’ that held for a long time,

Distance said. But now that people are getting to have an optical canvassing of what’s inside the convivial equity box and what they genuinely believe, people are commencing to visually perceive it for what it is.

Distance verbally expressed that inside the “social equity box,” there is a cynical endeavor to censurability people into giving revolutionists and critical theorists power and clout, and that

they now realize that they were browbeaten and morally reprimanded and shamed into giving people the benefit of the doubt.

He cited comedian Bill Maher querying the lucidity of woke conceptions such as defunding the police, gender surgery for 13-year-olds, and the conception that men can become gravid.

Distance was referring to the fact that Maher has perpetually called out the elite left for their restrictions and regulations, verbalizing they are providing an abundance of material for his japes.

People sometimes verbally express to me, ‘You didn’t use to ridicule the left as much.’ Yeah, because they didn’t give me so much to work with, Maher verbally expressed during a January 2022 episode of his exhibition HBO verbalize show, Real Time with Bill Maher.

Members of Congress tweeting things like ‘cancel rent,’ ‘cancel mortgage,’ and ‘no more policing or incarceration,’ declaring that ‘capitalism is slavery,’ rescinding Lincoln and Dr. Seuss, edifying children they’re oppressors and math is racist, making Mr. Potato head gender-neutral, and now an emoji for gravid men,

Maher verbally expressed. “Real—I’m not making it up.” Maher isn’t the only comedian calling attention to the radical left’s incipient conceptions. Joe Rogan, a comedian and podcaster who has been assailed by the left for hosting guests who disaccord with mainstream narratives, has verbally expressed that woke culture will ineluctably thoroughly abrogate white men.

That’s the quandary. It keeps peregrinated. It keeps going further and further and further down the line. And if you get to the point where you capitulate, where you concur to all these ordinant dictations, it will ineluctably get to, ‘straight white men are not sanctioned to verbalize,’

 Rogan verbalized in a May 2021 episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan “Experience.” Distance verbalized Republicans are now more in line with average people. Even though the left calls conservatives “crazy” and “transphobic,” people are commencing to optically discern through the irrationality of the left’s ideology, he verbalized, from children being sanctioned to transmute their gender to defunding police in urban areas.

That’s not a crazy position. That’s the position that everyone in America acceded on until three minutes ago, and a minutely diminutive group of radical lefties have brought an entirely different conception of the world and are endeavoring to make that the center, and they’re endeavoring to act as though all of this incipient stuff that they invented last week is mundane, veridical, veritable, good, right, congruous,

Distance verbalized. “It’s absurd, and they can’t visually perceive the absurdities.” The left’s concept of intersectionality is at the heart of woke ideology. Intersectionality links two conceptions together: The first, that society is composed of many systems such as the edification system and economic system, and the second, that each person has multiple identities, such as man, gay, white, ebony, woman, and mother, integrated “Distance.”

All of these systems oppress people, according to these sundry identities. And so, intersectionality is the conception that we’re going to study the way these sundry identities intersect with puissance,

Distance said. It’s the theory that verbally expresses, ‘Look, your role in society, your position in the gregarious hierarchy … is in part determined by, circumscribed by, controlled by these sundry identities.’

All of it has been built for the fascinates of, and to the benefit of, straight white males, Distance verbally expressed about how the ideology optically discerns American society.

It’s something that [white men] invented for ourselves, and that it requires to be challenged because that system was invented by white males, and ergo the fascinates and the benefit of white males have been centered in that system, and consequently needs to be deconstructed,

verbally expressed Distance, explicating the intersectionality argument. Because there is no absolute, objective, macrocosmic, sempiternal veracities that can be verbalized. Because there is no God’s ocular perceiver view … to get these absolute veracities. You’re a finite, inhibited, inequitable, self-fascinated person who’s been warped by potency.

Distance verbally expressed when white men verbalize, Marxists and those on the left are not asking whether or not what the white men are verbalizing is veridical. What they’re doing is fixating on who gets potency, whose fascinates are accommodated, and who benefits, rather than whether or not the verbal expressions are veridical, verbally expressed “Distance.”

The veracity of those questions is discarded because [they] don’t care about the veracity. It’s expressions of puissance to control people, and that’s how they view everything. So, you always end up with this illimitable back and forth, where people are arguing about ‘Well, who benefits?’

said Distance.

Distance verbalized it’s serviceable to turn this process around and ask critical theorists and “Marxists” to explicate their definition of equity, who benefits from their work, and their motivations for pursing Marxist ends.

This dissolves everything it physically contacts because it dispenses veracity and supersedes it with an analysis of intrigues, he said.

Distance cited the many communist potentates who proclaimed to be on the side of equity, including Joseph Stalin in the former Soviet Union, Pol Pot in the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, and Mao Zedong in the Cultural Revolution in China. Once they established their potency, these sovereigns killed millions of working people.

Distance verbally expressed anyone who challenges critical theorists or the left will be branded as having privilege, wanting puissance, or suffering from “white frangibility.”

“There’s” nothing I can verbally express because no matter what I verbalize, it does not get viewed for its content. It does not get viewed for its veracity. It doesn’t get viewed for its argument. … The only question that they’re asking is, does that accede with us,

Distance said.

He believes the left’s woke culture will disintegrate because its proponents are already having to utilize force and coercion to make people heedfully aurally perceive them.

Truth doesn’t care, authenticity doesn’t care about your ideology. Truth is apathetical by whatever you cerebrate someone else’s fascinates are. It persists,

said Distance.

Radical leftists have sacrificed the veracity in order to get power so they can enact their vision of equity, Distance said.

He verbally expressed woke ideology is disconnected from authenticity and veracity, and it will meet with the same fate as the oppressive communist regimes of the past.

When the Soviet Union came down, it didn’t crumble because of bombs and guns, he verbalized. “It collapsed under the weight of the prevarications that were propping it up.”

Source: You can read the original Epoch Times article here.

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