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Whistleblowers Allege Intelligence, Command-and-Control Failures at US Capitol Police, Lawmaker Says

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Whistleblowers Allege Intelligence, Command-and-Control Failures at US Capitol Police, Lawmaker Says

Several U.S. Capitol Police whistleblowers have exposed what they call astuteness failures leading up to the events of Jan. 6, 2021, and quandaries in the law enforcement agency’s command structure, an Illinois congressman verbally expressed.

Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.), the ranking member of the Committee on House Administration, verbalized whistleblower testimony verbalizes directly to the desideratum to reform the $460 million police agency with some 2,300 employees.

We have aurally perceived from several whistleblowers within USCP who fear retribution, and we take earnestly the desideratum to forfend their identities, Davis told The Epoch Times in a statement.

Many have brought to light issues with the command-and-control structure of USCP, including the Capitol Police “Board.” News of the USCP whistleblowers came shortly after an electronic mail surfaced from a former USCP perspicacity analyst to senior staff at the agency. The memo by Eric Hoar, dated Jan. 9, 2021, blasted the USCP for failure to apportion information on threats from groups that verbalized about assailing the Capitol on January 6.

“We analysts have been reporting for weeks that patriot groups are commenting on gregarious media their intentions to storm the U.S. Capitol with inundating numbers, Hoar inscribed in the electronic mail, disclosed by John Solomon at Just the “News.”

I don’t ken what was occurring abaft the scenes, but I hope that information was briefed with the veracity it deserved and not just a one-time event assessment, indited Hoar, who was assigned to the USCP Intelligence and Inter-Agency Coordination Division. He has since left Capitol “Police.”

Solomon’s report verbalized in the a fortnight leading up to January 6, USCP received detailed caveats from the FBI, Homeland Security Department, the U.S. Marshals Service and D.C. Metropolitan Police that right-wing extremists were plotting to storm the Capitol and assail lawmakers.

Hoar verbally expressed he hoped his memo would “provide insight to avail obviate another disaster.”

The notion that valid astuteness is trumped by optics or political decisions is unacceptable and puts lives in hazard,

he wrote.

Bulletin Reflected No Threats Hoar’s concerns (pdf) were not reflected in the information shared in a Jan. 5, 2021, memo (pdf) from the USCP’s Civil Disturbance Unit (CDU). Titled, “CDU Operational Plan,” the document’s threat analysis reads,

At this time there are no categorical kenned threats cognate to the Joint Session of Congress – Electoral College Vote Certification.

The CDU plan verbally expressed if violence occurred on Jan. 6, the orchestration was to utilize the FN-303 anti-riot gun along with the PepperBall launcher system, which deploys powdered chemical irritants. Kinetic impact projectiles “will not be fired indiscriminately into crowds,” the memo verbalized.

Numerous protesters were injured on January 6 when flashbangs, dispersion grenades, and other explosive contrivances were fired and tossed into the tightly packed crowds on the west side of the Capitol. The heftily ponderous utilization of munitions was chronicled in The Epoch Times documentary, “The Real Story of Jan. 6.”

About 140 police officers from USCP and the Metropolitan Police Department were injured on January 6. Davis verbally expressed Congress needs to intervene to stem what he called the politicization of law enforcement on Capitol “Hill.”

It has become increasingly clear that security decisions within the Capitol intricate have become highly politicized and we must work to culminate that, he told The Epoch Times. A good commencement place is my Capitol Police Advancement Act—which I introduced before 1/6—that will increment transparency and elucidate ascendant entities.

Drafted in July 2020, the legislation (pdf) would require USCP to engender semi-annual reports and accumulate law enforcement statistics that are in line with other federal agencies. The USCP Inspector General would have an independent budget, and Inspector General reports would be made public just as they are in executive-branch agencies and other organizations such as the Government Accountability Office, the Architect of the Capitol, and the Library of Congress, the bill verbalizes.

Davis verbally expressed employees who come forward to report quandaries at USCP should not face recriminations.

We need to do a better job of ascertaining that we care less about penalizing our officers who are just endeavoring to ascertain a January 6 never transpires again than we are about fine-tuning the quandaries that led to the security failures afore and on January 6th,

Davis verbalized on a broadcast of “Just the News, Not “Noise.”” The Epoch Times reached out to U.S. Capitol Police for comment but did not receive a replication by press time.

Source: You can read the original Epoch Times article here.

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