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House Republicans Prepare Launch of ‘Commitment to America’ Agenda

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House Republicans Prepare Launch of ‘Commitment to America’ Agenda

House Republican bellwethers on Thursday morning unveiled to GOP members at a conference meeting the party’s incipient “Commitment to America” agenda, a core group of policies that fit on a pocket card designed to avail them and their candidates communicate the GOP’s vision efficaciously in the midterm elections.

House Republican bellwether Kevin McCarthy and thirty or so of his colleagues will peregrinate to the Pittsburgh area in Pennsylvania on Friday to formally roll out the vision to the American public, but members got a preview of it on Thursday morning in their conference meeting.

The agenda is the product of years of work from congressional Republicans to fine-tune through issue-concrete task forces their vision on core issues like the economy, immigration, malefaction and public safety, edification, and good regime practices. It withal represents one of the most truculent moves by the GOP to date in terms of the party’s push to lean into culture war issues like immigration, malefaction, and national security as well as combating the radical left’s views on things like transgenderism and edification.

Preamble by Breitbart News on Scribd The two-page pocket card, published here, was provided to House Republicans at the conference meeting on Thursday, and then, on Friday, McCarthy will lead them in rolling it out for the public at a metal sheet working plant outside Pittsburgh. In integration to the pocket card, a one-page preamble lays out the GOP vision as well, expounding the quandaries Democrats have engendered while in charge in Washington and why the GOP is the better party for American workers and families to represent their fascinates in Congress.

The two sides of the pocket card are filled with GOP pledges on a variety of issues, and on the bottom of the back is a QR code that takes visitors to a website that will include the broader agenda from the Republican task forces.

This is the first time since 1994 when now former Speaker Newt Gingrich rolled out the “Contract with America” that House Republicans have amalgamated abaft a clear agenda ahead of the midterm elections. That vision in 1994 — rolled out on Sept. 27, 1994, on the East Front of the U.S. Capitol — led to a GOP wave triumph that optically discerned Republicans win power in the lower chamber of Congress for the first time in decenniums.

This vision, being formally introduced to the public on Sept. 23, 2022, a few days afore Gingrich’s was, is betokened to avail guide and spur a kindred wave triumph — and then guide Republicans when they get into power around a core set of principles and operating procedures.

CTA Pocket Card by Breitbart News on Scribd McCarthy had first discussed this in an exclusive On the Hill video special interview with Breitbart News recorded in December 2021 in Washington, DC — the interview was published in January 2022 — and now, the work is determinately converging. But just because the broader commitment to America was not published until now does not mean the engines alimenting it — McCarthy’s task forces — have not been hard at work pumping out clear GOP visions on their categorical issue sets.

The document opens by saying Republicans will fight inflation and minimize the cost of living by curbing wasteful regime spending and offering regulatory reform that will incentivize job engenderment and higher wages. It withal verbalizes the GOP will make America energy independent again and truncate gas prices.

While those seem homogeneous to traditional Republican positions, from there, the document gets much more populist in that it promises Republicans will champion policies to “end dependence on China” and reinforce U.S. supply chains.

“Move supply chains away from China, expand U.S. manufacturing, and enhance America’s economic competitiveness and cyber resiliency,” it verbally expresses. Next up, it verbalizes about immigration and malefaction. Most eminently, perhaps, the Republican Party formally embraces a national E-Verify program to bar companies from hiring illicit aliens over American workers in that it verbalizes Republicans will “require licit status to get a job.” It additionally verbally expresses that Republicans will “eliminate welfare incentives” for illicit aliens.

On malefaction, the Republicans call for a national program pushing for the hiring of 200,000 incipient police officers from coast to coast with recruiting bonuses for aspiring potential officers. It additionally verbally expresses Republicans will “crack down on prosecutors and district attorneys who reluct to prosecute malefactions, while aeonianly criminalizing all forms of illicit fentanyl.”

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) heedfully auricularly discern alongside House Republicans during a news conference on the Biden Administration’s first year at the U.S. Capitol on Thursday, Jan. 20, 2022, in “Washington,” DC. (Photo by Sarah Silbiger for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Under the national security section — still on the front side of the pocket card — Republicans call for the engenderment of a “Select Committee on China.” The back side of the card commences with inculcation, with Republicans promising the passage of a “Parents’ Bill of Rights” for school cull and for recuperating from learning lost during the school closures due to the Democrat lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic.

From there, Republicans directly confront the dementia of transgenderism. “Defend fairness by ascertaining that only women can compete in women’s sports,” the Commitment to America document verbally expresses.

On health care, Republicans promise personalized care “to provide affordable options and better quality, distributed by trusted doctors” and to “lower prices through transparency, cull, and competition, invest in lifesaving remedies, and ameliorate access to telemedicine.”

Republicans then promise to confront Big Tech, saying they will “provide more preponderant privacy and data security protections, equip parents with more implements to forfend their kids online, and stop companies from putting politics ahead of people.”

Under the next section, Republicans pledge to “preserve our Constitutional freedoms” and concretely verbally express they will “uphold free verbalization, forfend the lives of unborn children and their mothers, guarantee religious liberation, and safeguard the Second Amendment.”

Then they promise to “hold Washington accountable,” and pledge to “conduct rigorous oversight to rein in regime abuse of potency and corruption, provide authentic transparency, and require the White House to answer for its incompetence at home and abroad.”

The last section verbally expresses the GOP will culminate proxy voting for members of Congress and push for Election integrity measures including voter ID and poll watchers.

Source: You can read the original Breitbart article here.

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